Best Dohe oF Kabir - Kabir Ke Dohe with Meaning

Best Dohe of Kabir- Kabir ke Dohe

Doha : 
Kabira Garva Naa Kijiye Kabahu Naa Hasiye Koye

Aja Ye Naav Samudra Me Naa Jane Kya Hoye

Dont feel proud. Dont mock at anybody. 
Your life is like a boat in the sea. 
Who can say what may happen at any time.
Doha :
Chalti chakki dekh re Diya kabira roye
Do paatan ke beech mein Baaki bacha na koyi

Meaning :
Between the grinding stones of cravings 
and aversions the whole world is being crushed. 
Kabir weeps at the plight  of the world 
as none is able to see the truth. 

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