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Bf Gf Romantic Love Conversation

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Bf Gf Romantic Love Conversation

Boy Girl BF GF Romantic Sweet Conversation.jpg

B/f : Last night I saw a dream & in dream i saw n angle
G/f :Really?
B/f :Yah & angel asked me what do you want??
G/f :Then? 
B/f :I told angel to take care of u but she said ”NO”
G/f :But why?? 
B/f :Bcoz she said “Angels dnt take care of angels” 

Boy and Girl Chat Conversation on Facebook |Funny Jokes For Facebook

Boy-kaisi ho?
Girl- fine :-)
Boy- missing me?
Girl- :-P
Boy- Yaar meri tabiyat kharab hai.
Girl- =-O
Boy- Aaj kaisa din guzra?
Girl- ;-)
Boy- busy ho?
Girl- umhm B-)
Boy-koi pass hai?
Girl-kha na nhi :-@
Boy-to pagal ki bachi muh se kuch bol bhi le apne baap ki shakle kyu send kr rahi h.:-P

Boys Vs Girls sms | You are a Girl who Die For Money

Boy shouting at girl-boys vs girls
Don't show your face
ever to me,
I wanna kick you
whenever I see,
you broke all the vows
coz of money,
you are a girl
who die for money.

Boy And Girl lovely Conversation | Romantic Love SMs For FaceBook

key of my heart + heart locket
Girl : I'm Jealous... When other Girls r looking at you.
Boy : Don't be jealous, Baby...
Girl : Why?
Boy : Cause you have Something that they don't .
Girl : What ?
Boy : My Heart

Boy And Girl Conversation Sms For Facebook | Funny Jokes

Girl:Tum mere liye kya kr skte ho?
Boy:Bolo kya kru.
Girl: Mere liye chand la skte ho?
Boy: Fir kya prithvi k charo taraf tera baap ghumega

Funny Chat Conversation between Boy & Girl Only For Friends | Funny Timepass sms

A Boy txt a girl
Girl-hi! What are you doing?
Boy-txting the most beautiful girl in the world,
Gal-waau How cute you are :-) ,
Boy-Yeah! But She is not replying,
so im texting U :D

Best Jokes on Girls | Funny Jokes On Girls| Single Quotes

Be Single Be Happy - Single Quotes

What is a Girl Friend?
Ans: Addition of Problem,
Substraction of Money,
Multiplication of Enemy,
Division of Friends.
So Be Single, Be happy!!